You wake up in your room, but not your regular room.
Find all energies in order to escape through the door!
You might feel that you've played a similar old game before.

Move with WSAD or arrow keys. Shift to sprint, space to jump.
When you get all 50 energies, press E to open the door!

The game is playable, you can reach the end and everything, but there are a few minor bugs and performance issues, we are fixing them.

- Original 3D models and structures, made from scratch.
- Textures were downloaded (royalty free) and then mixed/adjusted to our liking.
- Power up and atmosphere soundtracks are original, actually recorded.

Programming by Bigpan
Sound & Design by Kaduwall

Credits (not made by us):

- Victory song (piano):
- Game over ambient sound:
- Game over voice:
- Some sound effects are royalty free with no credit to the author required.

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